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Process & Prep Info

When submitting Film Processing files, we request:

  • Foil Stamping (negative RREU) everything clear foil stamps
  • Debossing (negative RREU) everything clear debosses
  • Embossing (positive RREU) everything black embosses
  • Scratch off (positive) everything black is scratch off position
  • Spot UV (positive or negative—call in advance for requirements)
  • EPS
  • AI
  • PDF
  • Provide Zip files if possible
  • Materials must be solid black and white
  • Provide only the artwork we need to process the film plus crop marks if needed for placement
  • Make sure all fonts/type are locked in place to avoid movement or changes between program versions

When submitting files for Steel Rule dies, we request:

  • EPS Format
  • Adobe Illustrator file version 8 or higher
  • Note: We cannot read PDF from Quark Express or Raster Files