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October 2008 - The Holidays are Rapidly Approaching. Use Pa-VÉ™ Coating to Help Your Cards Stand Out

Companies, families and friends will send out millions of holiday cards this season. Will yours get noticed or will it get “circular” filed? Make your cards and other projects stand out by using an innovative, relatively new process: Pa-VÉ coating. Pa-VÉ has all the brightness and shimmer of glued on glitter, but without any of the annoying mess. This trademarked finishing process simulates a jeweled look much like Pa-VÉ or inset stones.

Before Pa-VÉ coating, glitter was often used on greeting cards and POP (point-of-purchase) displays. If you’ve shopped for a greeting card recently, you know that a downside of purchasing attractive glitter cards is the flaking and unappealing grit residue that sticks to your fingers. Pa-VÉ coating seals in a glitter-like jeweled material into a special coating and doesn’t flake at all.

What are the Advantages?
Pa-VÉ coating can simulate movement with a jewel-like sparkle. The result is a dazzling, eye-catching effect that gets printed pieces, promotional or not, noticed. Since Pa-VÉ is a relatively new process, designers are still experimenting with the best ways to incorporate Pa-VÉ technology into their upcoming projects. Obvious applications include greeting cards and POP displays. With Pa-VÉ coating as a designer’s best friend, fireworks sparkle, snow shimmers and starry nights twinkle all as product moves off of store shelves.

Pa-VÉ coating is best used in a spot application, like a solitaire jewel. While a designer from yesteryear would never dream of flood coating glitter over an entire sheet, today’s designer could easily do so with Pa-VÉ. When designing projects using Pa-VÉ coating, consider exactly what you want to highlight. As in anything, sometimes less is more. A small application of Pa-VÉ adds elegance to your piece.

Trademarked Name
Pa-VÉ™ is a registered trademark of BrightMarks LLC and Feiereisen, Inc. We are the first and only shop at this time to offer this truly unique, compelling finishing process.

Contact your friends at Feiereisen today and discover how easy it is to add Pa-VÉ’s flash and shimmer to your next project.  Oh yeah, did we mention it’s holiday card season?

The Feiereisen Advantage
Feiereisen, Inc. is an innovative and leading provider of post press and finishing services including Pa-VÉ coating, die cutting, book binding and restoration, folding, gluing, board and litho mounting, film lamination, UV coating, foil stamping, embossing and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas. Pa-VÉ coating is a manufacturing process developed by BrightMarks LLC and Feiereisen, Inc.

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