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August 2008 - Standard or Die Cut Index Tabs Help You Find It Fast!

Being able to find information fast can be a real time saver. When you have a book or loose-leaf binder project that’s packed with information, nothing will help organize it better than index tabs. The ability for users to access information quickly and easily makes these index tabs ideal for applications such as directories, reference books and technical manuals.

Available in standard “tab cut” and custom die cut tabs, these ordinary looking, yet efficient organizational devices can be created in a variety of configurations including single or multiple bank, and standard, reverse, double reverse and non-collated sequences.

Standard Tabs

Standard tab heights are 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”, and are suitable for most projects. Tabs can be die-cut into virtually any shape and size, but standard sizes can be cut automatically for efficient and cost-effective production. Common tab extension shapes include square or “S-curve” corners. 

Index tabs frequently are coated with attractively colored or clear Mylar, a rigid polyester film that’s applied to tabs for long lasting strength. To ensure proper adhesion, Mylar should be applied only over wax-free inks and coatings. Mylar tabs are a great solution for labeling and segmenting files, folders, forms, cookbooks and a host of other materials to make them more user-friendly.

Die Cut Tabs

When you need your index tabs to really stand out, consider custom die cut tabs. These tabs can be die cut in unique shapes or designed to match company or product graphics.
For die cutting and reinforcing operations, select a stock that’s substantial enough to handle the demands of indexing use, especially if it won’t be reinforced. A stock that’s too flimsy may result in “dog-eared” or curled indexes that lose their effectiveness over time. Reinforcing is recommended for all indexes that need to stand up to heavy usage.

Rely on Your Finisher

Tabbing requires proper planning and communication in order for the product to match the expectations of end users. Producing great looking tabs is much easier when you work closely with your finisher and involve them early in the design process. A finisher that can perform related functions such as cutting and collating in-house will help keep quality high and costs low.

The Feiereisen Advantage

Feiereisen, Inc. is a leading provider of post press and finishing services including die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, pocket folders, tab dividers, UV coating, film lamination, scoring and perforation and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas.



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