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July 2008 -AppareoFX™ Creates Lasting Impressions

Looking for a way to help your products jump right off the store shelves? Want your packages to create lasting impressions with eye-popping results? Thought about adding holographic images to your items to provide a sense of movement? If so, then consider the light managing effects of AppareoFX.

Appareo FX offers several light catching
design options

Since arriving on the finishing scene, AppareoFX has caused quite a stir among some marketing firms that have discovered how its magic touch can help sell products from pharmaceuticals to golf balls. AppareoFX grabs your attention and won’t let go.

Studies show that consumers are more likely to pick up a product when the packaging has been enhanced by AppareoFX and put it in their shopping cart, instead of back on the shelf. That’s because its gem-like, elegant appearance is as striking as any light management technique or reflective foil board in the marketplace.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Unlike some products packaged for maximum eye appeal, AppareoFX combines special effects with a package that actually has a positive impact on the environment since the product becomes biodegradable. This allows the same look to be achieved without incurring the extra costs or having to use non-recyclable metallic board.

AppareoFX can transfer up to 15 different holographic patterns as either a flood or spot application onto a UV Coated sheet with a minimum size of 13” by 18” and maximum size of 28” by 40”. Recommended stock weight is 100lb. text up to a 24pt. board.

Production Tips

It’s important to be very thorough in the planning of your AppareoFX project. Here are some production tips to get the most out of your products:

  • AppareoFX achieves its maximum effect in bigger and bolder areas but it should not be applied in small areas. Since it’s a liquid, you have to spread the images so it doesn’t shrink into the application’s surface.
  • Review your artwork ahead of time to make sure everything fits well. Pay close attention to picking out colors underneath your piece because darker colors create better prismatic colors when the AppareoFX process has been completed.
  • Regarding color selection, use solid panels of colors. Blues, blacks or yellows work best. Avoid having one giant mass of color that creates a very busy piece.

Feiereisen is one of the few finishing companies to offer this unique technology. Let us show you how AppareoFX can give your printed collateral a boost that will have customers turning their heads.

The Feiereisen Advantage
Feiereisen, Inc. is a leading provider of post press and finishing services including die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, pocket folders, tab dividers, UV coating, film lamination, scoring and perforation and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas.

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