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June 2008 -Individuals Score Points. Teams Win Games.

At Feiereisen, we know that having the right team of finishers can mean the difference between winning those big jobs and seeing them go to your competitor.

Winning the Super Bowl, World Series, or checkered flag takes a team effort. All team members must know the ultimate goal, their role and possess the ability and drive to make their contribution.

Winning more print sales is no different. Regardless of whether you’re in sales, estimating, customer service, production or management, if you don’t perform your role properly, you can impede your company’s ability to be competitive in the marketplace. But don’t forget about your external resources! Vendors that bring different services and expertise serve to “expand your briefcase.” Since you are probably in the business of selling “solutions” instead of printing, your customers rarely are going to care how you get something done. What they care about is attaining worry-free, consistent results.

The right finishing partner can mean the difference between winning those big jobs and seeing them go to your competitor. Choose a finishing partner that has the experience and knowledge to fully understand your project and effectively manage its production from beginning to end. Your finisher needs to be included in the planning stage as much as possible to ensure that the project flows smoothly from start to finish, from the prepress and estimating stages to the final production run.

Plan the Best Course
Most printers have two main objectives: They want to offer quick turnarounds and good value. The Feiereisen team can help you attain both. Customers that involve us early in the planning stage are more likely to be able to offer time- and money-saving options to their customers. This increases the likelihood that they’ll win the job.

Your Feiereisen expert will closely review your project to help you plan the best course of action. For example, if your job requires embossing, the decision should be made in the pre-planning stage for what type of die will work best and whether the die can be made in-house. This helps us gauge turnaround time. If foil stamping is involved, we can help look for any potential adhesion problems. If registration to print is required for either foil stamping or embossing, we can voice any layout concerns that may affect your print layout decision.

Since every job is different, we take a hands-on approach for your project. If the piece is going to be handed out, we’ll suggest laminating options and UV coating to help protect it from wear and tear.

Score On Your Bottom Line
Our customers benefit from us pouring over the project details and breaking the job down in terms of turn time, quality issues and price. If Feiereisen is your selected finishing partner, you’ll know up front your costs and turnaround times eliminating guesswork. Armed with this reliable information, you can confidently quote your customer, improving your chances of winning the job.

Our goal is nothing short of helping you expand your briefcase and improve your bottom line performance. We love to hear our customers say, “We couldn’t do it without our friends at Feiereisen. They are a member of our team!”

The Feiereisen Advantage
Feiereisen, Inc. is a leading provider of post press and finishing services including die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, pocket folders, tab dividers, UV coating, film lamination, scoring and perforation and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas.

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