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March 2008 - Pocket Folders Make Effective Marketing Tools

Regardless of the economy, postal rates or the eWorld, the demand for pocket folders continues to grow. These simple but effective presentation devices receive widespread use as sales pieces for nearly every industry and have never gone out of style. Built to store information, the standard folder is 9” x 12” with two 4-inch pockets that offers an attractive and functional way to house documents, booklets and small items.

“Standard” is just the start
Properly-designed pocket folders are flexible enough to hold more than just paper, often containing die cut slits for holding CDs and DVD-ROM discs. They can even accommodate heavier specialty items such as pens and magnets. Folders constructed with a ¾” or 1” reinforced side have added durability for applications that require extra stability such as college viewbooks.

Ways to dress up your pocket folder include: angled pockets, vertical pockets, business card slits (see diagram 1), reinforced sides, die cut windows and shapes, extra panels and pockets, built-in media holders, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, laminating, stitched-in inserts, Pa-VE™ coating, AppareoFX™ and more.

At Feiereisen, Inc., our range of production capabilities gives you the power to create truly unique pocket folders. Here are some tips for planning your next pocket folder project:

  • Check ahead on layouts: Pocket folders can be tricky to layout. Different finishers prefer glue tabs in different places. At Feiereisen, we prefer the tabs positioned as in figure 2. Discuss your project ahead of time with your binding partner to be sure your copy is properly positioned on the sheet.
  • Choose suitable stocks: Since substrate selection is a key component for pocket folders, choose a stock that’s durable enough for your needs. Generally, 8, 10 and 12 pt. stocks work best. Again, check with your finisher to ensure the right fit.
  • Knock out inks and varnish: Before going to press, make sure you knock out all inks, varnish and coatings where glue will be applied. Important: Don’t forget to knock out the opposing side where the glue is to adhere.
  • Printing head to foot: If you’ve got two pocket folders up on a press sheet, printing head to foot returns the best results. This helps eliminate any bleeds, breaks or wrapping issues. We understand that work-and-turn layouts may be less costly on press, so a discussion with your finisher should happen so together we make the best decision for each of your pocket folder projects.
  • Protect and decorate: Consider having your finisher protect the outside of your pocket folder projects by adding UV coating or film lamination. From a visual standpoint, decorative options such as foil stamping and embossing can really help your folders stand out.

The Feiereisen Advantage
Let Feiereisen, Inc. help you create pocket folders that meet your specific needs. We have all the die cutting, folding, gluing and finishing equipment to get your project to completion in a minimum amount of time. Whether your project is a pocket folder, CD sleeve or a multi-page self-mailer, Feiereisen has the expertise to handle the job. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas.

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