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February 2008 - Pa-VÉ™ Coating Commands the Attention Your Products Deserve

Marketers, designers and commercial printers are always prowling for new ways to give their products that “WOW!” factor. Good news, we’ve got one.

Pa-VÉ Coating has proven to be a popular choice for greeting cards thanks to its sparkling, luxurious look.

Beautiful Pa-VÉ Coating is a new and innovative coating process that’s working its way into the design of many commercial applications. Everyday, more printers and designers are discovering the allure of Pa-VÉ Coating and learning how to use it to kick their promotional efforts up a notch.

What is it?
Pa-VÉ Coating simulates the look of “pave set” jewels by embedding a special type of metallic glitter into UV coating. This unique process lays down cleanly without flaking and delivers a sparkling, luxurious image rivaled only by jewelry itself. In the hands of a capable designer, judicious use of Pa-VÉ Coating will give your brand and print collateral the powerful eye appeal it deserves.

Although still a relatively new product, Pa-VÉ Coating has already proven to be a popular choice for greeting cards. Currently, it’s gaining traction in the point-of-purchase display market because of its ability to approximate “movement.” One memorable POP project we produced included a display with Pa-VÉ Coating applied to a snowman making him seem “frosty” as he glistened with the appearance of newly-fallen snow.

Distinctive advantages
Pa-VÉ Coating offers a number of distinctive product advantages. Unlike traditional glitter, Pa-VÉ Coating neither feels coarse nor comes off when touched, remaining firmly attached to the sheet. The coating appears to have a three-dimensional, somewhat raised effect that is hard to resist. While UV coating has a glass-like appearance, Pa-VÉ Coating offers a more complex textured look.

Design and production tips

  • Spot, not flood: Pa-VÉ Coating achieves its maximum effect when used as a spot application. Ideally, it should be designed and used as an accent for the piece rather than as a huge focal point. If you attempt to apply too much coating in too many areas, it tends to look gaudy and doesn’t set well.
  • Create a spot file: Wherever you want Pa-VÉ Coating placed, create a spot file to clearly indicate where the coating should be applied.
  • Sheet sizes and weight: Feiereisen can produce Pa-VÉ Coated products on sheet sizes ranging from 13” by 18” up to 26” by 40.” Pa-VÉ Coating works best on 65lb cover weight stock or thicker. Text weight stocks are not recommended because the coating material can weigh more than the sheet itself, causing production problems.
  • Check the margins: Allow 5/8” from the gripper edge of the sheet and 1/2" on the other three sides.
  • Contact Feiereisen: If you’re working on your first Pa-VÉ Coating job, please contact us early in the production process so we can help you avoid any preventable design or production pitfalls.

Trademarked name
Pa-VÉ™ is a registered trademark of BrightMarks LLC and Feiereisen, Inc.
If you want to learn more about the many benefits of Pa-VÉ Coating, go ahead; contact us for your complimentary Pa-VÉ Coating sample today.

The Feiereisen Advantage
Feiereisen, Inc. is  an innovative and leading provider of post press and finishing services including Pa-VÉ Coating, Appareo FX, die cutting, folding, gluing, and film lamination, UV coating, foil stamping, embossing, litho mounting, book binding and restoration, and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Kansas. Pa-VÉ Coating is a manufacturing process developed by BrightMarks LLC and Feiereisen, Inc.

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